Amanda Buckley – ‘Knotty Bronze’


We used 3D laser scanning for London Bronze Casting to create these rope knot candle holders

3D scanning can be a vital tool for casting. We helped product designer Amanda Buckley digitize her rope knot candle holders to create juxtaposed metal pieces in bronze.

We used our laser scanning to capture the finest detail of the form and rope fibre. The fixed data was then 3D printed in PMMA and cast by the pioneering London Bronze Casting team.

This is a perfect example of several disruptive technologies combined to allow artists new creative possibilities in fabrication.

The pieces were then displayed at ‘The Collection’ hosted by Squire & Partners at The Department Store in May 2019.

The collection was comprised of multiple cast works, each pushing the boundary of craftsmanship within the foundry. Artists such as Thomas J Price and Zachary Eastwood-Bloom exhibited work. Some pieces used our 3D scanning process along with many other innovative techniques.

If you would like to explore new and innovative casting processes make sure to talk to London Bronze Casting.