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nning campaign for Palace x Evissu

SomeSuch production company hired us to do the 3D scanning campaign for the new Palace x Evissu colab.   We were hired by SomeSuch production company to 3D scan the models and garments for the new Palace x Evissu collaboration campaign. In this second collaboration with Evisu, the duo continue to pay homage to the…(Read More)

3D scanning for music videos | Yellow Days & Mac DeMarco

3D Scanning for Music Videos with Yellow Days ft. Mac DeMarco.   For their song ‘The Curse’ ft. Mac DeMarco, we 3D scanned the singer Yellow Days to create their music video. Director Charlie Robins hired us to help him create a music video for the singer Yellow Days’ new song ‘The Curse’ featuring Mac…(Read More)

3D Scanning education for Store Projects

3D Scanning Education: 3D scanning ephemeral contemporary talismans at STORE Projects educational after school club.   We were asked by Kevin Smeeing and Stine Keinicke at STORE Projects to help with their educational after school club. Students were tasked with designing contemporary talismans using 3D scanning and 3D printing. The students made large ephemeral sculptures…(Read More)

3D Scanning for Motion Capture with Keiken

3D Scanning collaborative practice Keiken for Motion Capture in their new film with George Jasperstone.   3D scanning Keiken for motion capture. We 3D scanned members of the collaborative practice Keiken, for motion capture use in their film ‘Feel My Metaverse’ created with George Jasper Stone. We follow Pando, O and C, three characters in…(Read More)

We 3D scanned musician Gaika for artist Rick Farin to create his virtual reality vision of the future. 3D scanning for Virtual Reality Artist Rick Farin used our 3D Scanning for virtual reality service to 3D scan Gaika for their ‘Cathedrals’ virtual reality film. Multidisciplinary artist Gaika, who provided original music for the film, is…(Read More)

Our 3D scanning services were used in the latest Nike x Dazed Beauty advertising animation by artist Dario Alva 3D scanning fashion for advertising animation We used 3D Scanning to capture Air Max 720 trainers for artist Dario Alva to use in the latest Nike x Dazed Beauty advertising animation. 3D scanning fashion garments is…(Read More)